Numend, a Digital Pharmacy

Creative Direction, UX & UI

B.F.A Thesis Project

Comprehensive research and analysis conducted on the pharmaceutical industry. Creative direction for a speculative direct to consumer pharmacy.

Better Understand Pharma
Develop Brand Identity & System
Create interactive app prototype
Design in-house collaterals
Present project orally
App Prototype

The Problem

Over the past few decades, prescription drug prices in America have skyrocketed, creating a significant burden for many individuals who rely on medications to stay healthy. The pharmaceutical industry has purposely driven these exorbitant increases, as evidenced by numerous studies and reports on the issue.
The Solution: Direct to Consumer

By using graphic design to support a direct-to-consumer pharmacy that's committed to putting people before profits, we're able to distribute high-quality, affordable medications and treatments that prioritize patient safety and well-being to those getting exploited.

Target Audience

Brand Values
Identity Exploration & Alternative Directions
Logotype ︎︎︎

Numend is a new way of mending.

Brand Guidelines:
Supporting Typeface
Icon Set
User Flow (Prescription Fill)

Mobile App Prototype

Numend’s mobile app simplifies the process of finding and obtaining medication. It also allows for easy sharing of orders with healthcare providers to ensure prescriptions are filled accurately.


In House Collaterals:
Shipping System
Pharmacy Coats
Headquarters Graphic

United States of America